Bolt-On Gate Hinges for Round Posts

When mounting a round post gate to a flat or square gate frame, finding a hinge that can adequately accommodate those installation demands can be challenging. In addition, if your gate is heavier, this can make the requirements of the type of gate hinge you will need even more daunting. This type of installation dilemma often happens when you are looking to install a large driveway gate to brick, rock, or concrete pillars. Luckily, D&D has thought of every possible issue when installing a gate and has developed hinges that perfectly fit this situation.

The Most Heavy-Duty Hinges: D&D BadAss Series Hinges

Within their BadAss series of gate hinges, D&D has manufactured high-quality hinges that support up to 1,000-pound round post gates onto flat or square gate frames. We currently carry this hinge style in sizes that fit 4”, 6”, and 8” round posts. Crafted from sturdy steel with a zinc-plated finish, these hinges are built to withstand the elements and be long-lasting. They can easily and effectively be bolted directly into the gate frame, making installing a breeze. Please note that depending on the surface you are mounting your gate to will determine what bolts will be needed to attach your hinge securely.

How Long Will These Bolt-On Gate Hinges Last?

Made using CNC Machining technology, these gate hinges are guaranteed to have the tightest tolerance within the gate hinge market. This is possible because the machines used to produce these hinges are operated by a high-tech computer that can deliver nearly perfect products every time. These hinges also feature special bushings, allowing nearly frictionless movement during use. The lack of friction allows your gate to operate smoother and prevents wear and tear that can lead to costly maintenance down the road.

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