How Do I Know What I Need For My Round Post Installation?

This is a small metal latch in the Shut It line of industrial hinges Whether you are building your next great warehouse or simply needing a little extra security for your home, it’s important to consider one of the most vulnerable aspects of the fence gate: the round post hinges. These critical points are crucial to making sure that your gate has a high range of motion, opens smoothly, and is a reliable point of entry. However, these points are also prone to failure because of high usage and exposure to the elements.

So, how do you know what to use when you’re using round posts? Well, it’s important to consider a few options such as materials used for the gate, usage, and security.

What if I am building my fence with heavy materials?

If you are building with heavier materials such as steel or other heavy materials, you may want to consider something industrial graded such as the Shut It line of hinges. Typically, if you are building with heavier materials things like normal hinges, latches, and bolts will be prone to wear and over time will require more maintenance or even be replaces. With something industrial rated that is designed to withstand heavier loads without any additives such as grease, you will not need to worry about ware and repair.

What do I use as a hinge on my fence at home?

For something simple as a fence for your home, you may want to consider something a little bit lighter with something from the TruClose line of hinges and self-closing latches. Whether it’s for the pool or the side gate, a lighter hinge is best as it offers ease of access while still providing solid security at a fraction of the cost. By having a self-closing hinge, you are not only provided with the option of adding additional security, but accidents are also less prone to happen as there needs to be some amount of effort put in to opening them. Generally, these are best suited for higher traffic areas that are meant to be accessed while still providing safety such as a pool.

What do I use on my fence if I want more security?

If you are looking for further security outside of the standard padlock, it is advised that you install a locking latch from LokkLatch or MagnaLatch. These multi-purpose latches are specifically designed to provide you extra security as well as peace of mind. By having a locking hinge on your fence, never again do you have to worry about remembering to put the lock back on your fence or about what kind of lock to get.

How do I know what kind of round post hinge to get?

Ultimately, the best kind of round post hinge is whatever fits your needs best. If you are looking for a cost-effective method of securing your personal chain link fence it is best to look into a self-closing latch that offers additional security if you feel you need it. An industrial hinge is best for industrial sized fences and materials. If you are looking for the highest security possible it is best to invest in a locking hinge for quality security and peace of mind.