How To Choose The Right Hinges For Your Application

hinges of vinyl picket fence

When adding an outdoor gate to your home or commercial property, choosing the right hinges for the job is important. The gate is the most used part of your fence, and not installing the proper hinges can lead to a lot of annoyance and costly repairs. That is why it is imperative to select hinges that are durable, cost-effective, and designed for your exact type of gate.

All our gate hinges are designed and manufactured by D&D Technologies, which dominates the market with innovative products and customer focus designs. Each hinge style is created to improve your outdoor space and simplify opening and closing your gate. Knowing what type of hinges are best for your gate application can be difficult. Below we have explained each one of our available hinge styles to hopefully help alleviate some of that confusion.

Wood Gate Hinges

Within our category of wood gate hinges, we have three styles: butterfly, strap, and t-hinges. Each hinge is uniquely designed to provide a specific benefit for your wood gate.

Butterfly Hinge

A butterfly hinge gets its name from its special construction that resembles a butterfly. This styling is not just for looks but actually has an important reason behind it. The “wings” of the hinge allow your gate to open as wide as possible without the hinge getting in the way or limiting the gate's movement. Butterfly hinges are a great option for gates that will be used for big equipment or large amounts of people.

Strap Hinges

For those who are looking to show off their gate hardware, strap hinges are right for you. This style of hinges is not discreet and is named because their leaves resemble the look of straps on the gate. Like the butterfly hinge, there is a reason why the strap hinge has such long leaves. The extra long leaves allow the hinge to provide extra support and manage more weight. Strap hinges are ideal for heavy wood gates.


No surprise, t-hinges received their name due to their appearance. This hinge style comprises a long leaf, a straight knuckle, and a smaller horizontal leaf on the other side, giving it a distinctive “t” appearance. T-hinges are the most common outdoor wood gate hinges and can handle average-size gates. These hinges help elevate your gate's look while also providing top-level performance.

Vinyl Gate Hinges

Within our vinyl gate hinge category, there are self-closing and manual hinges. Depending on the needs of your gate will determine which of these features will work best for your application. For gates frequently used or a barrier to some hazard to small children like a pool or road, it is ideal to choose a self-closing hinge. Self-closing hinges ensure that as soon as you walk through your gate, it automatically shuts behind you. This prevents the worry and misfortune of a pet or child being able to get loose from the gate if not properly closed. While gates that are not widely used and do not block potential dangers can use manual hinges.

KwikFit Gate Hinges

Our KwikFit gate hinges are the perfect standard-purpose gate hinges. These reliable, affordable, and durable hinges are easy to install and provide high-level performance to your outdoor gate. KwikiFit hinges can be attached to wood, vinyl, metal, or even brick to allow you the freedom to place your gate wherever it is needed. Most of our KwikiFit gate hinges are self-closing, giving you peace of mind that as soon as someone walks through your gate, it will close behind them. Made from high-quality materials, these hinges are built to withstand the elements and be long-lasting.

SHUT IT Gate Hinges

Heavy-duty gates require heavy-duty hinges, which is why D&D manufactured their SHUT IT collection of gate hinges. These gate hinges can effectively handle bulky gates that range in weight from 300 to 1,500 pounds. This category of gate hinges has a wide variety of unique attributes to fit the needs of almost every customer. Whether you are looking to weld on or bolt on your hinges, we have a SHUT IT hinge that is made for you.

TruClose Gate Hinges

Designed with children's safety in mind, TruClose gate hinges are the leading style to prevent young children from wandering through an open gate. TruClose hinges are ideal for gates at swimming pools, backyards, schools, daycares, or parks. Their special, award-winning design ensures that your gate will securely close once someone has walked through it. These hinges are easy to install and are built to last.

SureClose Gate Hinges

SureClose hinges are hydraulic, making opening and closing a heavy gate seamless. We currently offer both self-closing and manual options for this hinge style and the option to choose a hinge with a center, flush, or post-mounting application. The SureClose self-closing hinges are capable of 260-pound gates. Due to its hydraulic design, not all these hinges can allow your gate to swing open fully. Be sure to close review which SureClose hinge you select, as the range of swing for these hinges goes from 88 to 180 degrees.