What Type Of Hinge Is Best For A Heavy Gate?

When installing a heavy gate, you’ll need a hinge that does not break or deteriorate over time. While having a secure gate and latch is an urgent need, the hinge should be the most reliable part of the gate. Hinges are the finishing touch of any gate installation, and a poorly made hinge will cause your gate to sag.

Also, remember that a hinge needs to be made from durable materials that are UV-resistant for outdoor installations. Poor hinge installation could also be a safety concern. No one wants a gate of over 600 pounds to fall on top of an unsuspecting individual. Instead of skimping on your hinge, make sure you use the best!

Weld-On Hinges For Heavy Gates

Weld-on or bolt-on hinges are the best for extremely heavy gates. Weld-on D&D SHUT IT BadAss series hinges can be welded directly to your gate. If you weld these hinges on a round post, there will not be a gap when opening your gate.

However, sometimes, you may not be able to weld on a gate due to the material of the gate or location. In this case, bolt-on hinges work better by only requiring a couple of bolts to install. Bolt-on hinges are still heavy-duty and can hold lots of weight.

Heavy-Duty Gate Hinge Options

Is Greasing Required For Weld-On Or Bolt-On Hinges?

For most SHUT IT BadAss series hinges, you will never need to grease or maintain your hinge. In fact, some of these hinges are strong and durable enough to hold a gate that is 1,500 pounds. You won’t need to worry about your hinge for a long time.

What Is Better: Bolt-On Or Weld-On Hinges

If you must decide between these options, weld-on, and bolt-on hinges will work with heavy-duty gates. While weld-on hinges will provide additional stability, you can’t go wrong with either option.

If you’re not sure what hinge option will work with your gate, our sales representatives are always willing to help!

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