Swing Gate Uphill Steel Strap Gate Hinges

When installing a gate on a drastic incline or decline, finding a hinge that will keep your gate in place is difficult. On top of that, if your gate is over 1,000 pounds, it becomes a safety hazard if your hinges loosen or completely snap off. D&D Technologies has developed a hinge as part of their BadAss series that works well on an incline or decline swing gate to avoid these complications.

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Some Key Features Of This Hinge Include:

  • Can Be Welded On
  • Body Material Has A Zinc Plated Finish On Steel
  • Yoke Material Is Made From Steel
  • Maximum Gate Load: 3,000 Pounds
  • Maximum Gate Weight: 1,500 Pounds
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty That Includes 5 Years On Bearings
  • Includes Two Hinges: One 6" Hinge And Another 10" Hinge

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Why Are The Bottom And Top Hinge Straps Different Lengths?

The top hinge strap is six inches, while the bottom is ten. This is done to open the gate smoothly on any hill or valley. These hinges work on a steel or ornamental iron gate and can be welded on a square post.

How To Weld Hinges

To ensure your hinges are not damaged while welding, complete the process in small segments. Weld one surface at a time and switch between the top and bottom hinges. After each hinge part is welded, let that part cool before welding again on the next segment.

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