The Convenience Of RFID Locks

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has many benefits in today's society and one of them is opening doors securely. Locks like the KL1100 offer just that. A secure, convenient way to open a door or even a locker at the touch of a card. With many growing concerns over security, an RFID door lock provides many benefits and functionalities for businesses.

One of the biggest advantages of having an RFID lock over a standard digital keypad lock is that there is an ability to add or delete cards without ever needing to go to the lock. The manager or owner can authorize users from one central location. Managers can also configure the cards to be day and time specific. This provides greater control over door usage and security concerns. The user does not need to remember a code and if they lose their card, one can be reissued remotely. The card used to open the lock eliminates the need to physically touch the lock which helps reduce the spread of germs. This is especially useful in hospitals or care homes where cleanliness is a necessary practice.

RFID Door Lock
RFID Door Lock

A money-saving feature of the KL1000 RFID door lock is the ability to check the battery level. Being able to check the battery level remotely will let the user know when they need to change out the batteries. If the locks are used in a locker room environment, some are used more than others so it is important to know which ones and when to change batteries.

There are also functions for single users or multiple users. They are called private functions for single users and public functions for multiple users. An instance of a private function would be if you have an office and each person gets their own locker. A usage case for a public function would be for a gym or spa where multiple users might need short-term access to an area. The KL 1050 would be another great option to look at for this feature.

RFID Door Controllers

CodeLocks KL1100 RFID

CodeLocks KL1050 RFID Kit

CodeLocks A3 Vandal Resist

CodeLocks A3 Dual

CodeLocks A3 RFID - Standalone Door Controller

RFID Capable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Number Of Clients 50 User Cards or 250 locks within lock group (multiple groups can be made) 50 User Cards 600 User Cards 600 User Cards 1000 User Cards
Keypad Yes No Yes Yes No
Public Function Yes Yes No No No
Private Function Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
IP Rating IP55 when fitted with gasket Not Specified IP66 IP66 IP66

RFID locks are a huge benefit to any business. They provide a secure, a convenient way to open doors or lockers with many customizable options that can be used remotely. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly representatives.

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