Commercial Self-Closing Gate Hinges Heavy-Duty

Badass Self-Closing Hinge

Even if gate hinges are the smallest part of your gate setup, they are some of the most important. After all, the gate hinge keeps your gate attached to your fence. Remember that all it takes for an accident to happen is for one of your hinges to fail. Usually, gate hinges break or shift when a gate is being used, meaning that if your gate is manual or a pedestrian gate, someone could get hurt.

Also, if your gate is quite heavy, children pulling and pushing on your gate could cause a malfunction and possibly start a severe medical emergency. Therefore, when it comes to hinges for a gate, a heavy-duty hinge is the prime solution. If you want to go even further regarding the safety of your hinge, a self-closing hinge is the way to go. These hinges close when a gate is released, offering a safe way to make sure a gate is closed.

Do Self-Closing Hinges Offer More Safety?

Many regulations concerning pool safety require a self-closing and self-latching gate. Self-closing hinges accompany a compatible pool safety latch to ensure a gate meets safety regulations. Since self-closing hinges only need to be pushed, kicked, or bumped to close a pool gate with a compatible latch, it’s the only way to verify that a gate is closed.

If you do not have a self-closing hinge with your pool, you may not be paying attention to the regulations set out by the municipal governing body and putting pets and children at risk of drowning. Take the initiative and find a heavy-duty self-closing hinge.

The MagnaLatch 3 Safety Gate Latch Top Pull Kit that includes a True-Close Self-Closing Hinge is ideal for setting up a pool gate. The True-Close Self-Closing Hinge is made from heavy-duty polymer with stainless steel, making it the choice for pool gates that weigh less than 66 pounds.

What Self-Closing Hinge Should Be Used For A Heavy Gate?

If your gate weighs over 300 pounds, you’ll need a SHUT IT self-closing gate hinge to complete your hinge and latch installation. These self-closing hinges have bolt-on and weld-on models to support any gate. Most of these hinges are created with heavy-duty steel with a zinc coating, and best of all, all hinges have been tested over 1 million times, so you know it will always work the first time.

Models that have sealed bearings never require maintenance of any kind! That means that if your gate is in a hard-to-reach area, you’ll likely never need to go out and grease your hinges.

Are There Any Heavy-Duty ADA-Compatible Self-Closing Gate Hinges?

Many public areas, such as amusement parks, government buildings, or industrial workplaces, require ADA-friendly gate hinges. In these cases, SHUT IT self-closing hinges are a heavy-duty solution. These hinges will not only last many years but also provide ease of use for everyone. Since self-closing hinges do not require much force, all it takes is a simple push to close on their own.

Ready To Find The Right Self-Closing Hinge?

Whether you need a durable self-closing hinge for your pool or are looking for the ideal setup for a heavy gate, a wide selection of self-closing hinges is available. TrueClose self-closing hinges can be used with gates up to 154 pounds, and SHUT IT self-closing hinges can hold a gate up to 750 pounds.

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